Resource Institute of Social Education was founded the tenth days of May 1982 by ROCHE Victor who had earlier been involved in some community development work in different parts of South Arcot District.
    The founder of RISE was a Dalit who knew the economic and social problems of his community. The main idea of starting this charity came to ROCHE Victor while he was working in a project ANIMATORS FOR COMMUNITY DEVELOPMENT.
     RISE functions as a non-profit, non-sectarian, non-political and non-governmental organization for promoting in the field of conscientization, adult education, development and women’s liberation in our project. So, at the beginning, RISE had to provide the main needs of the population:

Milk animals were provided to widows to make them self-reliant.

Drinking water. For 5 villages, RISE deepening well which provide drinking water.

Drinking water supply to 5 villages by arranging tap connection from over-head tanks.

Building of houses. With financial help of the government, RISE built 48 Houses for Homeless Dalits.

Construction 5 Burial ground for Dalits people of 5 villages.

Distribution of animals. RISE gave goats, ducklings, plough bullocks. They were used to establish small enterprises, which provided at 650 persons livelihoods.

In the same time, RISE acted for the awareness of the population. To obtain its, RISE organized different camps, programs, and meetings:

    “Awareness Education Program” for the benefit of 5000 agricultural laborers. RISE explained the agricultural laborers rights and hike in the wages.

    RISE organized 18 “Agricultural camps” to educate and enlighten the Dalit people and the marginal farmers about improved technologies of agriculture and plant protection
measures. Camps were covered 20 villages.

    “Cultural program on health awareness”: This program covered 20 villages for 8350 persons in Villianur Commune.

    “Reproductive Child Health Program” in 48 village. RISE explained about the nutrition, necessary vaccines to protect the children, and a proper sanitary environment.

    “Community health program”: In 25 villages, RISE organized meetings with an expert to explain about the necessity to keep clean the house, the village and to improve the hygienic condition.

“Medical camps”: RISE conducted medical camps with the help of specialist doctors, to provide a free medical check-up for the people. RISE provided the treatment for the needy one for the particular illness.


“Awareness camps for Dalit youths”. 10 villages benefited of camps to teach human rights, for the teenagers.

“Skill development program in tailoring and embroidery”. Dalit Muslim Women of one village learnt to tailor and embroider.

“Community organization for Dalit Washer men”. This community was created to fight for Washer men rights.

Later, the community organization added 25 Women Organizations in 25 villages. Organizations were supported with micro credits delivered by RISE. These organizations were involved in bringing basic amenities to their villages.

In 2001, RISE joined a Network called DMK: Dalit Mannurimai Kuttamippu (Dalit land rights Federation). This Network is composed by 16 NGOs, and supported by international agencies.
DMK organizes national level program on issues such as human rights, political rights of Dalit, Dalit empowerment and women rights.


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