• Awareness Education Programme for the benefit of 5000 agricultural labourers.

  • Cultural programme on health awareness covering 20 villages for 8350 persons in Villianur Commune

  • Distribution of 20 milch animals for 20 widows to make them self-reliant.

  • Deepening of drinking water well in 5 villages.

  • Drinking water supply to 5 villages by arranging tap connection from over-head tanks.

  • Allotment of burial ground for Dalits in 5 villages.
    48 houses were constructed for homeless Dalits.

  • Awareness camps for Dalit youths in 10 villages.

  • Skill development programe in tailoring and embroidery for the Dalit Muslim women in one village.

  • 18 Agricultural camps covering 20 villages to educate and enlighten the Dalit small and marginal farmers about improved methods of agriculture, plant protection measures.

  • Distribution of goats, ducklings, plough bullocks and establishment of small enterprises for 650 persons.

  • Community organisation for Dalit washermen community to fight for their rights.

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